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DIGIMCORP is an international advertisement platform which specializes in mobile advertising driven by the big data technology innovation, which devotes to analyze mass media, target users and creative data for providing advertising marketing solutions for domestic and global enterprises. We are dedicated towards empowering our business partners with solutions that makes it simple for such business to connect to targeted audiences and for publishers to monetize their product.

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We stay committed to helping you achieve your business goals with transparency and expertise. We focus on client retention by giving them the best of services with trust. Our in-house team provides end-to-end performance-driven solutions to increase installs, compel in-app actions, and engage existing users.

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  • Digimcorp gives its clients an extra edge in their ventures by providing them with their targeted audience with the help of our experienced and skilled team of experts. And how do we target audience for you?

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  • We create our value by tackling all sorts of complexities and challenges faced by our clients in the process of providing competitive and differentiated products & solutions and make it find success in market.

  • How do we prioritize our client’s business?

  • We are determined to work with responsibility, integrity and have an ethical commitment towards our clients that are the main priority for us. Determining the planning, strategy, and analyzing it.

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We use automated optimization based on multiple methodologies for yielding the best possible ROI for advertisers while providing competitive CPM’s for publishers’ for achieving their monetization goals. We deal with advanced insights driven proprietary AI technology that empowers us to deliver a rich advertisement experience.

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