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    who we are ?

    who we are

    Finding businesses the right place to advertise and grow further.

    We are an international advertisement platform which specializes in mobile advertising driven by big data technology innovation, which is devoted to analyzing mass media, target users and creative data for providing advertising marketing solutions for domestic and global enterprises. We are dedicated towards empowering our business partners with solutions that make it simple for such businesses to connect to targeted audiences and for publishers to monetize their product.

    What We Do

    What We Do

    Ways through which we help you find success with your business.

    We are indulged in performance-based marketing. We are recognized leading agency focused on driving new customers for our advertisers on a Cost-Per-install (CPI), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) and Cost-per-Registration (CPR) pricing models.

    Marketing your business right defines your purpose.

    Marketing your business means targeting and finding customers as well as the audience who is looking for your business. There are strategies used by our team.

    Marketing is a well researched calculation on how to let your business target the right people and bring them as your customers. Marketing includes different types of methods where one can run ads on different platforms, posting about your business on social media, PPC, and many more. We provide the right strategies to help your business whereas track your success.

    Plan your business well and execute it successfully.

    Planning is helpful for the person who owns the business because this allows them to know when to do or what for their plan to find the success.

    Planning includes understanding the need for your business in the market, how you will make place with your competitors, detailing and understanding the factors that could bring downfall, back up plans, and many more. We will help you plan your business week and find success with your business amongst the competition that you will face.

    Analyze what issues could your business face.

    Analyzing your business and having an understanding of the factors determining the success of your business is an important step to keep up with the success.

    Analysis is studying into the number of people that have seen your business and people who are willing to try your business. Changing from preferred to most preferred by using our strategies and knowing about the ways to market the business along with facing the challenges. Digimcorp has an analysis team working on the analysis report of your business from time to time.

    Strategies that allow your business to grow.

    Strategies help us grow better and faster. There is a huge competition out there that you have to face when you are in the market amongst competitors.

    Having a strategy allows you to face the challenges in advance and make way for the difficulties or failures that you will have to go through with no plan. Digimcorp has a team that works on the different strategies to know the best one according to your business and your requirement. These strategies are tried and tested for all types of businesses.


    how we deliver quality service

    The services delivered are high in quality because we are the experts!

    Basically we provide a platform for various sectors of businesses to boost their profit in association with us through connecting them to their targeted audiences via Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Display Advertising, VAS, Bulk SMS, Social Media, Performance Marketing, SEO & Content Writing, and many more.

    High Quality
    Advertisement Resources

    We focus on providing high quality advertisement resources on various platforms that will give our partners an extra edge in enhancing their revenue properly.

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    Efficient Operation

    We provide the best mobile marketing solution scheme for advertisers, and efficient, native, high revenue monetize publishers for mobile media.

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    Technology Platform

    We are a technology driven user acquisition platform for Advertisers and Publishers. We focus on technologies and AI analytics.

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    Advantages From Digimcorp

    We provide Creative Affiliate Managers to plan, develop and advertise campaigns throughout multiple channels. Dedicated Account Managers to assist customers 24/7 over Skype and Email. We provide the Right Path to Reach the Right Audience at the Right Place at the Right Time.

    • Experienced Experts

      We in Digimcorp have a pool of experienced experts in the field of advertising and marketing with a special skill set.

    • 35K+ conversions DAILY

      In Digimcorp, we are focussed on achieving a high target of conversions in order to fulfill the requirements.

    • 2K+ Trusted partners

      Digimcorp has collaborated with more than 2k partners in their different business ventures.


    WHY CHOOSE Digimcorp?

    We are committed to our work and we provide results.

    We stay committed to helping you achieve your business goals with transparency and expertise. We focus on client retention by giving them the best of services with trust. Our in-house team provides end-to-end performance-driven solutions to increase installs, compel in-app actions, and engage existing users.

    • Why are we the best for your business?

    • Digimcorp gives its clients an extra edge in their ventures by providing them with their targeted audience with the help of our experienced and skilled team of experts. And how do we target audience for you?

    • How do we add value to your business?

    • We create our value by tackling all sorts of complexities and challenges faced by our clients in the process of providing competitive and differentiated products & solutions and make it find success in market.

    • How do we prioritize our client’s business?

    • We are determined to work with responsibility, integrity and have an ethical commitment towards our clients that are the main priority for us. Determining the planning, strategy, and analyzing it.

    Need Help Deciding What’s Best For You?

    massive global advertising

    We use automated optimization based on multiple methodologies for yielding the best possible ROI for advertisers while providing competitive CPM’s for publishers’ for achieving their monetization goals. We deal with advanced insights driven proprietary AI technology that empowers us to deliver a rich advertisement experience.


    What Our Partners SAYS

    We work with experts at our hand giving business identity.

    With expertise of work comes the best results. Digimcorp has helped many businesses find their place in the market and define the strategies used to take their business on top. These are the feedbacks we have received on our work